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Why Do My Feet Hurt? Four Likely Causes and Quick Solutions

Have you noticed heel pain when you get out of bed?  Ball of foot pain after walking a lot?  Stabbing pains around the toes?  A change in activities puts stress on your joints in ways you may have never guessed.  Fortunately, relief can be simple.  Understanding and modifying the cause may be all you need to do.

Here are 4 reasons why your feet hurt and easy solutions to the problem:
1. Increase in walking or running:Whenever you increase any activity by more than 10 % over a week you are at risk of overuse injuries.  This can express itself as heel pain or ball of foot pain.  Both problems can be addressed by purchasing new shoes with arch supports. Sneakers should be replaced every  300 miles or 6 months.  If they show any wear on the soles, they have likely lost their cushioning.  Another quick fix is to purchase cushioned insoles online or at the pharmacy for under 20 dollars! Recommended products online are made by Powerstep and Walk-Hero;  at the pharmacy you can find Dr. Scholls. …