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Four Steps to Relieve the Pain of Working From Home
Perhaps my number one diagnosis of late is spine strain from working in a non-ergonomic environment.  Coupled with housekeeping duties, pet or child care, meal prep, stress, and poor sleep, working from home can literally be A PAIN.  Fortunately, there are four easy steps that can reduce the strain, discomfort, and added stress physical pain brings.  
First, evaluate your work set up; being comfortable is key.  Phones should be on speaker, headset or earbuds.  Avoid holding a phone to your ear.  Consider a seat cushion or alternating chairs to relieve pressure points. Make sure wrists are straight, shoulders relaxed. Human Factors Applications created this guide to computer and chair positioning.  
Second, make sure you are taking breaks, at least once an hour.  Staying hydrated will prevent headaches, keep you healthy and force you to get up to the bathroom! You can download a stretch program such as Stretchclock, a break reminder app …

Online Workout Advice from a Rehab Doctor

They say the biggest immunity booster is stress relief, and the biggest stress reliever is exercise.  For me, exercise is essential; especially now.  Three to five weekly 45-60 minute exercise sessions over 4 weeks has been researched to work as well as antidepressant medication.  This is similar to the American Heart Association exercise guidelines for optimum health.  Exercise not only relieves stress but also improves body image and lowers anxiety.  Moderate exercise with correct form reduces stiffness and body pain.   
We gym and fitness class lovers now have to resort to running, biking, or (gulp) online work outs. This reminds me of when my kids were little and worked out to FIT TV while they napped.  I loved Gilad, and I am pleased to tell you his workouts can be found for free at gilad/bodies in motion.  (He also has online workouts at Gilad TV on demand for $9.99/month.)  It’s a perfect intro to exercise and the only equipment you may need are light weights (you can substitut…

Housekeeping Without Pain

Most of us have now adopted jobs we are not used to:  Cleaning sinks, scrubbing toilets, wiping down stoves, counters and desks, dusting, and vacuuming.  These are all physical activities with injury risks just like fitness activities.  The good news is that they provide a calorie burn, averaging 170 calories an hour. And housekeeping is exercise you can even incorporate into your fitness routine as described in this Web MD article.  
The bad news is that whole body pain complaints from household tasks are up, from wrist to foot.  Here are some tips to make your body more comfortable while keeping your house in order:
Get geared up:   Wear crocs or house shoes that you can get wet but protect and cushion your feet.  This will prevent heel and foot pain and also avoid toe sprains or fractures from banging into furniture or dropped cleaning items.   Wear designated cleaning clothes you don’t have to lean back to avoid the splash of cleaning products.  Tie your hair back so you don’t fli…