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Barry's Bootcamp/Lower Body: My Insight

Yesterday I took my first Barry’s Bootcamp, lower body class.I loved it!!
I did not expect to… I thought I would be afraid of pain and injury and blown away by the intensity of it all but the friendly front desk and instructor, the comfy treadmill, upbeat music, the ability to work at your own pace and non-intimidating environment was awesome.The treadmills are super easy to use; you can change the intensity to as much or as little as you want.The strength portion was kind of fun and the weight moves were appropriate, not over-the-head, to avoid shoulder and neck injuries, and again, you can stick to what’s in your comfort zone or push as hard as you like.
Barry’s has a positive vibe that makes you feel happy.Switching from treadmill to floor during the work out and back allows you to recharge and make you feel strong.The manageable, not complicated exercises give you confidence that you belong and are accomplishing results for your body.The room was a comfortable temperature and the…