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The Ketogenic Diet and Health Risks

As we begin the second month of the new decade, it’s likely a good time to re-evaluate your weight loss diet.  If you have tried or are considering the Ketogenic diet, this is essential reading.  Celebrity tales of quick dramatic weight loss, along with a menu of tempting, otherwise diet-forbidden foods like bacon, butter and (bunless) cheeseburgers has made the ketogenic diet the new buzzword in weight loss. Be warned, however:  the probable long-term health consequences along with the low likelihood you can maintain this strict diet should make you think twice.  If you are an athlete, don’t even think about it.  The inefficient reaction of your body burning fatty acids from ketones and stealing from muscle to produce energy is harmful to your athletic performance and health. 
The latest in low-carb diets, the ketogenic diet is mostly fat;from 75-85% with very little protein, around 15%, andthe daily carbohydrate equivalent of a small bagel.This contrasts to the original low-carb Atk…