New Year Motivation: The Importance of Exercise. An excerpt from my new Kindle book....

Exercise is the undisputed healer and fountain of youth. Exercise improves mental illness, prevents diseases, maintains weight, prevents cancer and increases lifespan. Everyone should exercise most days of the week. Exercise increases energy levels by improving blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain. The muscle benefits of exercise allow the body to support the brain as it stays alert to complete tasks. Fitness and cardiac function is improved, allowing you to have more physical endurance and stamina. There are also many mental energizing benefits of exercise: repetitive and meditative exercise helps to clear and “reset” the brain to allow faster problem solving and better focus.
Beginning an exercise program can feel overwhelming. Where do you start? What time of day is best? What type of exercise is best for you? Do you need a trainer? Fortunately, the answers are easy: anywhere, anytime, for as short or long as you like – no trainer necessary. Remember: walking is exercise. Walking your dog counts! So does walking to work and going up and down stairs. Brisk walking is excellent exercise and directly contributes to longevity.  

• You don’t have to sweat
• Physical chores (vacuuming, washing a car, cleaning floors) count, too!
• Whenever possible, walk or take stairs
 While 20-30 minutes daily is best for overall health, just 10 minutes of light exercise releases feel-good endorphins


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