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Cancer Rehabilitation: Restoring Quality of Life Through Personalized Health Care Treatments

Currently “Movember, ” raising awareness of prostate and testicular cancer, and on the heels of Breast Cancer Awareness month, learning about the consequences of cancer and its treatment is timely.While surviving cancer is a tremendous victory, living with potential limitations can be challenging. The statistics suggest that cancer patients are three times more likely to have health, psychosocial and physical impairments.Pain is very common and present in 30% to 90% of survivors.Surgical site scarring, limited joint motion or overall mobility issues can result. Swelling and or weakness secondary to chemotherapy, radiation, or the cancer itself is common.Sometimes side effects of treatment are so problematic and pervasive it is difficult for a patient to be grateful for surviving at all.
Rehabilitationis the process of returning to activity and function after illness or injury. It covers many dimensions including pain management, speech and swallowing, mobility, self-care such as shower…