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Braces, straps and tape: what do they do and do they really help?

The US Open was a prime example of the popularity of taping and straps used by athletes. Many of these elite tennis players displayed support to a vulnerable area:Serena had her ankles taped, Andrescuuworea thigh and wrist strap plus a spiral cord on her forearm, Nadal taped his fingers, Medvedev had athletic tape on his right arm and left leg. Supports, straps and tapes are fascinating to me;I like to imagine what injury lies below.I could not figure out the spiral cord on Andrescuu’s forearm and searched the web for its medical indication;during the finals I giggled when I learned from the commentators it was an extra hair tie she “just liked the feel of.”
In truth, many of these voguish looking applications are worn simply because they feel good, easing the ache of joints and muscles. A sore area can feel supported with tape or straps, allowing the athlete better performance. After repeated wear during successful play, they may become part of the outfit due to psychological depend…