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What is Sciatica?

What is Sciatica? “My sciatica is acting up” is a common phrase.People generally use the word to describe butt pain, back pain or leg pain.To a doctor, sciatica refers to pain travelling down one side of the lower back and or butt down the back of the leg.Sciatica may stop mid hamstring or continue to the calf and foot.The term refers to the path of the sciatic nerve, a large nerve bundle that carries sensory (what you feel) and motor (how you move) nerves down the leg from the lower spine.It is the thickest nerve in the body.
Sciatica is a broad term which does not specify the cause of the pain; rather, it is a description of symptoms.Sciatica can result from any of the following:
A pinched nerve in the spine due to a disc, arthritis, or spine slippage A gluteus or pyriformis (buttock) muscle injury or spasm A hamstring injury A soft tissue injury to the hip such as a labral tear Pressure on the sciatic nerve along its path through the pelvis from any cause
The medical term for sciat…