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How do Wellness, Mindfulness and Health Relate?

Wellness and Mindfulness are buzzwords implied to be associated with Health. The terms seem to be everywhere:in print and social media, as labels of health and wellness centers, and as titles of corporate lectures geared to improving productivity.Associated visuals include yoga, herbs, stacked stones, greenery, and water.The words are often used together but what do they really mean, how do they relate, and, most importantly: what do they do for our health?
Wellness implies a lifestyle of overall happiness, good health and psychological fulfillment.Wellness has been identified as components numbering between 5 and 8 depending on the source.The most common five are listed here first: Physical:fitness, nutrition, sleep, activity levels and overall health Intellectual:creative and mental activities, learning, curiosity Emotional:the ability to deal with stress, be flexible, have relationships and a positive outlook Social: having supportive friends and or family, giving back to the commun…