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The Importance of Finding the Right Primary Care Provider

Everyone should have a primary care provider.Even if you see doctors such as dermatologists or endocrinologists regularly you should have someone who serves as your health manager.Establishing a relationship with a primary care doctor who is accessible, trustworthy, and a great listener and communicator will guide you to optimum health.Your primary care doctor will help you recover from illness and keep you informed of the latest preventive medical techniques and treatments.
Factors to consider in finding the right primary care doctor include: Location- are they conveniently located? Insurance- Do they take your plan? If not is it affordable? Accessibility- Do they answer phones and return calls or emails promptly? Hospital Affiliation- Is their hospital network one you like?Do they have access to hospital records if necessary? Referrals-Do they communicate and follow up with specialists if needed? Comfort level-Do you feel able to communicate with the doctor and staff about any subje…