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Winter Exercise Health Guide

There are many physical and mental benefits to outdoor exercise.Exercising outside performing functional activities provides bone strengthening, balancing, natural movement cardio challenges. Being outside in fresh air is proven to ward off depression and stress. Sunshine provides bone protective and immune boosting vitamin D and prevents seasonal affective disorder (SAD).Plants and trees expire immune-boosting chemicals.Natural light makes you happier, and being outdoors has been proven to improve concentration. Getting outside on a cold day, however, requires some forethought. Dressing for warmth can be tricky if you are exercising and know your body heat will rise.Wearing removable layers of moisture-wicking fabric is always recommended.Appropriate footwear is also beneficial; waterproof hiking or snow boots with adequate traction will prevent slippage and wet feet.Winter sports such as paddle tennis or jogging require shoes with good treads and proper fit.Attachable traction cleats…