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Better Fitness Through Travel

Whether you are a regular, rare, or never exerciser, exercising while travelling should be on your to-do list.In fact, there’s no better time. Even if your travel schedule is packed, just dedicating 30 minutes to exercise will improve how healthy you feel while travelling and after.The benefits include:
Unwinding your body from hours of sitting Relieving spine stress from carrying luggage Burning extra calories to make up for restaurant meals Exploring a new type of exercise Improving sleep (exercise always improves sleep quality) Consider heading to your hotel gym or pool, a walking trail, a fitness studio, or renting a bike. When it comes to hotel gyms, while they may look intimidating, they are not.Often, they are empty which takes the pressure off of knowing what you are doing, dressing in the latest fitness wear, or looking like you are working hard on a machine.There are rarely rules in a hotel gym.In fact, if you forgot work-out clothes, just wear what you have.
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