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Life Stages and Pain Syndromes

Physical pain not related to injury can happen at any age.  Pain is felt uniquely by everyone, and triggered and sensed by nerves and the brain, an area which is still not completely understood by medical scientists.  While overuse syndromes and arthritis are common contributors, growing, hormonal shifts, and aging can also lead to pain syndromes. The cause of these pain syndromes are not understood, but their similar features have allowed us to identify them as situational and not physically damaging.  Following is a description of the types of pain syndromes that 5-50 percent of us experience at some point in our lives.

Children may experience growing pains generally between the ages of 2-12.Their pain is usually in the legs and on both sides. Growing pains are more present the night after a day involving a lot of climbing, jumping or running.The affected limbs are not swollen or red, and have full motion.The pains are described as achy and feel better with touch or massage.If you s…