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A Parent’s Guide to Pain and Injury in Young Athletes

As a doctor and mother of 3 active kids involved in a wide range of sports, I am vigilant about keeping my kids injury free.From the bleachers, I am always amazed at the flexibility, toughness and skills of these young athletes. I have winced at some training drills and wondered often how injuries aren’t actually more frequent!I think about the treatment they will or will not receive and remind myself that children ARE resilient.They have the ability to recover from injuries in a quarter the time as adults.They can complain of severe pain that magically disappears within a day, and even within a game. Still, what do you do when the child comes home in pain?
The goal of this article is to allow you, the parent, to identify pain that needs medical attention and guide your actions to manage pain that does not. As with every child related issue, communication is key.If there was an actual injury your child cannot recall the details from (a common phenomenon), ask the coach or another pare…