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Don't Let Stress Damage Your Health!

Don’t Let Stress Damage Your Health

Whenever a patient says they are “stressed,” I ask: “good or bad?”Being out of a comfort zone, time constraints, high demands, and feeling unprepared is often bad stress.Good stress may be due to a job change, a move, a new pet or baby, or a busy work or social schedule. Good stress allows you to accomplish goals and meet time challenges.Bad stress can leave you feeling tired and distracted, unable to focus, and frequently making mistakes. Overwhelming or uncontrolled stress, whether good or bad, can lead to self-destructive “coping” behaviors like heavy drinking, overeating, or skipping healthy habits such as exercise or sleep.
When you feel the physical signs of stress—heart racing, muscles tensing, breathing changing, and sweating—you are experiencing the body’s fight or flight response.This response and release of adrenaline is designed to keep you alive under physically stressful conditions.Modern day mental stressors trigger the same response…