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Finding Daily Moments for Self Care

Just this week, I witnessed 3 working women break down with the realization that they haven’t felt they had time for self-care.One devoted woman has been caring for her chronically ill neighbor since his recent surgery, spending every dime on meals for him and his sister, missing her beloved dog, running from home to hospital to work back to hospital.Another, a working Mom looking very tired, hair undone, told me she has not had any time for grooming due to sick kids and a travelling husband.Another, a doctor/mom seeking care for her (made worse by stress) neck pain described her life as if her hands are always holding a plate of marbles only able to focus on the marble that is rolling off.
With our modern day hectic schedules, we often put ourselves last. Things like exercise, healthy eating, and sleep need to be added to the calendar in order to be accomplished.And usually there is a trade-off such as less income, less time for relaxation or less time for family.We can’t create more …