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Five Tips for Staying Fit Through the Holidays

Five Tips for Staying Fit through the Holidays
Joyous news:the Holiday Season is here! Is your emotional reaction happy, excited, sad, anxious or stressed?What about your schedule?Getting overbooked already?How can you possibly squeeze in time for mood improving, weight managing, and health improving fitness? And what about time for sleep?
More joyous news:you CAN stay fit through the holidays without further stressing your mind or your schedule.In fact, fitness activities temper emotions and clear the mind, allowing you to stay more efficient.Feeling fit and mentally clear will make every holiDAY more manageable. Here’s how:
The first recommendation is to re-think what exercise is.The most beneficial exercise does not require changing clothes, breaking a sweat, joining a gym, or hiring a trainer. This exercise is walking.And all fitness studies have concluded that walking in 10 minute increments for a total of 20-30 minutes a day increases cardiac, mental and overall health. Think abou…