Body Signs You Overdid Your Work Out

I have upped my workout intensity lately and it has been a thrill.  A hard workout is confidence building and stress relieving.  A good sweat feels body cleansing, and an intense repetitive escape is meditative.  I grew up working out hard as an athlete and when I do so now it takes me back to my youth…But, my body is not so youthful.  My hip flexor has been sore and tight, my back gets cranky at the end of the day, my knee gets sore, and the extreme delayed onset muscle soreness I have right now from pushing my pace in a breast Cancer 5K 3 days ago is beyond belief.  But I know myself and my old injuries, and I have all the magical tools and pills to feel better.  But what should YOU do?  How can you tell the good body signs from the bad?  Here’s a helpful guide:

Muscle pain:  Muscle pain from over doing it feels sore, stiff, can feel weak, and is tender to massage.  This soreness should not bother you at rest, is more noticeable with motion, but can improve as you move through it.  D…

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